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Tests for Drugs for Employers People applying for jobs necessarily undergo drug tests and background checks, and other screening requirements from prospective employers. The reason for this is because employers need to know what kinds of people are entering the company so that the working place will be safe for everyone. Your business can suffer if you do not first have your prospective employees checked for drugs or other screenings. Of course an applicant will have some rights to these screening requirements and we will look at them in this article; we will also look at what the checkups are for. If you are already working for a business, chances are you have gone through tests before you entered the workplace. After you have passed these tests and have now entered the workplace, other drug screenings will still go on. Of course an employer will have to inform his or her employees of the drug test before they take place. And your state should allow these kinds of drug tests also. If you are sick and are taking medicines, this will show up on the tests so you will likely have to sit out fist. Criminal background checkups are also very important if you are planning to hire someone you do not know about. Most states allow this checkup but of course, employers will first have to ask permission if they can check any criminal backgrounds. In other states, you can only do a criminal background check if you are accepting the applicant for the job. In your complete resume, you are required to put your educational background. You resume is a statement about your history and at times you will be questioned whether everything you wrote down on your resume is true. Educational screenings are conducted for this reason so they will be sure you are not lying or anything. Your educational information is sometimes protected from release so this gives employers a bit of a hard time. They need to ask permission from the school to give a little information about the applicant but they may not provide all information. One other test an employee may go through before entering a job is credit screening. This is only done if the job requires it, otherwise it is not usually conducted. It is important to know the laws of your state regarding drug testing and background checks. If you feel that you were discriminated against in any way, you can contact the department of labor of your state to report it. Sometimes when employees do not allow employers to conduct drug tests and all these other tests, they will mostly likely not be accepted into the job. Having a good background, good education, and no criminal records, this will really give you a peace of mind because you know you are good to go.

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